Shogun Premium Koi Food – 20kg (6mm)


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Protein: min 40%
Fat: min 4%
Fibre: max 3%
Ash: max 9%
Calcium: min 2,2%
Phosphorus: min 1,8%

Quality protein for Growth, Skin Lustre & Cell replacement
No artificial colourants
Balanced Fibre levels to ensure the natural movement of food through the gut
High levels of vitamin E, D and C – natural antioxidants
Shogun Premium Koi Nutrition is the ideal year-round feed
Carophyll Red: assists with pigmentation
Crayfish: Pigmentation
Mussel: Increased fat, source of Vitamins and Minerals
Kelp: Source of Vitamin K, an overall nervous system health
Consistency in pellet quality
Balanced carbohydrate level to maintain an ideal weight
Value for money – Shogun Premier Koi Nutrition offers unique and exceptional value for money
Registered under Act 36


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